KS2 (7-12yrs)

British curriculum at ONE international school Philippines

During KS2, your children will be introduced by the application of the British curriculum to the key knowledge needed to ensure that they go on to become conscientious young people who have an appreciation of the world around them and how they can contribute to it.

The children will be covering all areas as set out in the new British National Curriculum.  Each day there will be lessons focused on Numeracy and Literacy; the children will be given the opportunity to develop and apply these skills in all subjects across the curriculum. The KS2 class will adopt a thematic approach where the children’s learning will be adapted so that they have the opportunity to cover Geography, History, Art, Design & Technology and Computing; exploring topics such as The Romans, Egypt or other ancient cultures – all part of the British curriculum at ONE international school Phillipines.

There will be at least one Science lesson per week, which will be designed to inspire the children’s curiosity and specifically develop their conceptual understanding as well as their ability to work scientifically.  The children will also focus on improving their enquiry skills across the Humanities subjects; the children will have an abundance of experiential learning opportunities to ensure that every type of knowledge acquisition is catered for.

Our school has a strong focus on Physical Education. The children are encouraged to excel physically and will also understand that a healthy lifestyle, respect and teamwork need to be embedded into their daily lives. This approach further underlines ONE IS’s holistic approach.

Although the British Curriculum provides us with an outline of the key learning children need to cover, we will look beyond that and provide exciting opportunities in a stimulating environment, where children feel free to make mistakes without judgement, and are encouraged to become resilient individuals who are able to reach their full potential.

Key Stage 2
Class Age Range Admission Age
Flying Foxes 7 – 9 years 7 years old before September 1st
Eagle Rays 9 – 12 years 9 years old before September 1st

See KS2 Flying Foxes Schedule – attached document

See KS2 Eagle Rays Schedule – attached document