ONE International Curriculum

Our school follows the British Curriculum and is UK D.O.E and COBIS registered but includes the teaching of Visayan and Tagalog out of respect for our location and with an understanding that children benefit, in a range of ways, from being multilingual. We chose the British curriculum as the basis for our teachings due to its emphasis on the development of the whole student as well as an understanding of a child’s learning needs. Further, it also supports the school’s ethos that each child has the right to be viewed as a unique individual with their own distinctive interests, talents and skills. Pedagogy focuses on practical learning and encourages lesson delivery supporting various styles of knowledge acquisition. When these factors are considered alongside the continuity and transferability offered by a British education and British qualifications around the world, we felt this offered our students the best opportunities for their future.

EYFS (1-4yrs)

KS1 (4-7yrs)

KS2 (7-11yrs)

Extra Curricular Programmes