ONE International Holiday List 2016 – 2017

Term Begin On End On
Term 1 Monday 5th September 2016 Friday 7th October 2016
Monday 17th October 2016 Friday 16th December 2016
Term 2 Monday 9th January 2017 Friday 10th February 2017
Monday 20th February 2017 Wednesday 12th April 2017
Term 3 Tuesday 2nd May 2017 Friday 2nd June 2017
Tuesday 13th June 2017 Friday 14th July 2017

Further Information

Please be aware that the above UK holiday timetable has been amended to incorporate statutory Philippine holidays with minimal disruption to the weekly routine.  At the time of writing, these amendments mean there will be no singular days off.  Changes made at Government level must be adhered to, where we are informed of these, we will provide you with as much advanced notice as possible.