ONE International Admissions

ONE I.S. welcomes children from all backgrounds and believes that diversity enhances children’s social and educational experience.  Registration is available throughout the year, with those children who are unable to access a place immediately, put on our Waiting List for consideration at a later date.  Where places become available, children on the Waiting List who are within the admission age range will be offered a place based on the date they registered – so the earlier the better!

AAdmission Process Flowchart - call or email for more information

We are currently accepting applications for the classes listed below:

One International Admission Ages and Classes
Stage Class Age Range Admission Age
Early Years Foundation Stage Sun Stars 2 – 4 years 2 years old before September 1st
Key Stage 1 Sea Dragons 4 – 7 years 4 years old before September 1st
Key Stage 2 (Lower) Flying Foxes 7 – 9 years 7 years old before September 1st
Key Stage 2 (Upper) Eagle Rays 9 – 11 years 9 years old before September 1st

Prior to admission, all relevant forms must be completed and necessary paperwork submitted.  Your child will then either be offered a place or included on the Waiting List.  For further information please see the ONE I.S. School Policies section of the website.